Children are usually baptized, so it is not surprising that the gifts they received at the time of christening are not very interesting to them.

For this reason, baptismal parents and christening guests usually donate such christening gifts that have a lasting value and are long-lasting, so that the child can rejoice in them later, with at least a slight increase.

The most popular baby christening gifts are:

  • silver spoons and other child tools engraved with the date of birth or a short note;
  • a mirror on which the promises of baptismal parents for the baptismal child are engraved;
  • gold or silver pendants engraved with birth then or date of christening;
  • glass figurines with engraved photo of a child and birth information;
  • engraved boxes containing religious or other cute gifts;
  • engraved photo frames or musical instruments.

 Because the child’s christening is an important event for the family, we understand that the parents, when planning a christening celebration, are considering everything to the smallest details. So if you need christening decorations, you can feel free to contact us – we will be happy to help you and fulfill your wishes!

 As the gift of christening should look like, we will discuss it in advance, and you will see a ready-made layout before starting the production process, so you will have the opportunity to adjust the image and choose the best option for you.

 We invite you to explore our gallery of works, where you will definitely find a lot of ideas on how to give a christening gift!

Gallery of works

What to give on the occasion of baptism?

 Since ancient times, christening has been considered the most important celebration in a child’s life, and the child’s baptism is a very important event for the whole family. Since it was previously believed that the child would be similar to his godfather, and their bad qualities could be passed on to the child of baptism, the parents of baptism were chosen with great responsibility, depending on whether they were good, decent, orderly and honest.

 Earlier there were many christening traditions, but these days they are remembered quite a bit. One of the traditions that have survived to this day is that during the christening the baptismal gift is given to the child by the parents. Earlier, baptismal parents prepared a litter that contained gifts that were not valuable in monetary terms, but were important because of their symbolic significance.

The baptismal gift to the child was:

  • A piece of bread – that the child should always be sat and should eat;
  • Wallet and needle with thread – to keep the child always dressed;
  • Grits – that the child’s life is saturated;
  • Sugar – to ensure that your child’s life is not sweet;
  • Soap and linen towel – to keep your child clean, clean and tidy;
  • Garlic clove – to protect the child from evil spirits;
  • Rowan twig – to protect the child from viewing;
  • Wool socks – to make your child healthy;
  • Angel’s Statue – The guardian of the guard is always guarding and guarding the child.

As we can see, in the old days, christening gifts were simple but of significant symbolic importance, and presently there are some other gifts given on the occasion of christening, but often also have a special symbolic meaning.

If you do not decide what kind of gift for a child on the occasion of christening, we advise you to have a great and original gift of christening to help you:

  • engraved wooden toys;
  • angel statue with engraved beautiful words;
  • engraved wooden box for storing items for memorizing memories;
  • a nominal soother with the child’s name engraved on it;
  • memo book or photo album with engraved cover;
  • engraved USB flash drive to store christening photos;
  • wooden birthday calendar page;
  • engraved compass to show the child the right way of life;
  • engraved coin of success;
  • a savings bank where the child will be able to save money on his / her dreams;
  • wood engraved envelope for money if you decide that such a gift would be the best option.

 So, there are really plenty of options for christening gifts, and we will try to make them unique and original in every case!

Baptismal gifts for baptized parents

In earlier times, christening was a very great celebration, celebrated by all the relatives and neighbors. Nowadays, the format of the christening celebration is somewhat different – it is becoming more and more common to celebrate a child’s christening only with the family and the closest people.

 No matter how much you decide to celebrate, the parental involvement of the child is necessary, so it would be really nice and fun if you thank the godfathers for their commitment and commitment to give them a great gift of christening.

A great gift for baptismal parents could be:

  • engraved mirror with thanksgiving;
  • engraved cups;
  • engraved magnets;
  • engraved cup and mug;
  • plant growing in a potted plant with meaningful words engraved;
  • photo frames framed with a picture of a baptismal child engraved on a metal plate and words of thanksgiving…

Gifts for grandparents

Perhaps nobody will argue that during the christening celebration it would be very nice to point out to the grandchildren of the baptized child who, with their grandchild or granddaughter, have a really special connection. Symbolic christening gifts for grandparents are also suitable in this case:

  • wood engraved cutting board;
  • engraved wooden spoon for the most delicious cakes and pancakes that will be baked for the grandchild;
  • engraved hammer;
  • a board game in the engraved box that you can play with your granddaughter this adult;
  • glass figurines with engraved photo of a child and birth information;
  • engraved cups;
  • engraved magnets;
  • engraved photo frames with grandchildren’s photo;
  • engraved key chains …

Gifts for christening guests

 The celebration is much more fun if it is attended by a group of fun-loving and joyful people. So if there are more guests who want to have a nice day together, we are sure they would be very surprised and happy to have received at least a small symbolic gift that would express your gratitude for your time and sincere joy and remind you of a wonderful christening celebration long after everyone have fun together.

Christening gifts for guests are symbolic, but they really delight the hearts of the glorious ones.

So christening guests could be given a gift:

angel-shaped pendant with engraved wish;
engraved wooden or ceramic medals;
engraved honey glass;
engraved key chain;
candy put in a box with engraved short words…

 And all of these lists, which include possible christening gifts, are certainly not finite as the goal of Gravideja is to implement all your thoughts and ideas, so we are ready to materialize even the most unexpected of your ideas!

We engrave glass, wood and all types of metals.

GRAVIDEJA” is a place where simple gifts become exclusive and of great value.


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