From ancient times, in spring – on the first Sunday of May – we commemorate the Mother’s day, on that day we thank to our mothers for love and care. It is important that each year we would express our love to them in a different way – originally and with surprise, therefore a lot of attention must be given to cute and exceptional gifts. We have already gave our mothers a lot of flowers, pictures or gifts, therefore we take a more original approach with the gift: – Perhaps Your mother likes exceptional jewellery? You can warm her heart by giving original earrings, a bracelet or a watch with a special inscription engraved on them – words full of warmth or a date that is important to You. – Remind your mother about 52 cutest events of Your life, write them down and put them into the originally engraved box. Whole year, every week the mother will have something to remember and something to feel happy about. – Give mother a luxurious champagne or wine bottle, with a sincere thank you note engraved on it for the care and love or with a picture of Your mother. – To warm your mother during cold evenings you can give your mother an engraved teapot. This way the simple tea cup will warm not only the body, but the soul as well. – Mother that is making amazing meals can be surprised with a gift of engraved cutlery set. If you want to give an original gift to Your mother, you can create a great idea by yourself – we will help to fulfill it. If you still lack ideas, check our gift gallery:

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