The most popular gifts for parents at weddings

 Perhaps everyone will agree that parents are the most expensive people who always care for their children, survive for them, and always support whatever they want. Parents and children are linked by a special and strong relationship throughout their lives, with mutual respect, concern and love.

So it is not surprising that the newlyweds want to thank their parents for their love, care and warmth on their most important day of their life, so they are given symbolic gifts to their parents during the wedding celebration.

Most often presents statuary-figurines with words of thanksgiving, sincere thanks to the parents, engraved on a glass figurine or metal plate and other symbolic gifts for parents, to whom a personalized inscription gives special significance.

With your ideas and our long-term experience, the perfect gift for parents can be:

  • engraved glass, ceramic products;
  • engraved figurines ;
  • engraved wooden boards, picture frames;
  • wooden plaques with engraved tables of gold or silver;
  • wooden box with engraved photo or text .

And this list is definitely not exhaustive, as the goal of Gravideja is to implement all your thoughts and ideas, so we are ready to materialize even the most unexpected of your ideas!

  • We engrave glass, wood and all types of metals.
  • We can produce a plate of any size or style and attach it to your gift.
  • We produce individual statuettes of acrylic glass (transparent, 10-15 mm thick, plastic).

How your gift should look, we’ll discuss it in advance, and you will see a ready-made layout before starting the production process, so you’ll have the opportunity to adjust the image and choose the best option for you.

  • Fast execution of works
  • We send by the courier
  • We can engrave in all languages



 For their parents, their children’s wedding is a significant and exciting event. Adding a son or daughter to a new phase of life always causes a lot of emotion, because the man who has been away from the very first moments of his life leaves his native nest. And that’s why parents often squeeze their hearts – it’s not so easy to run their child out of the embrace …

 It is also worth noting that after you have fallen into your daily worries, we forget to say nice words to loved ones, express gratitude for support, patience and everything else that we have given and still do. Perhaps this is because everything seems to be normal, and everything that happens is somehow self-evident. However, it is a good idea to stop, look around and evaluate what assets we really have, and to sincerely thank the dearest people and, above all, the parents.

 It is also possible to give a lovely gift to parents without a special occasion, but a great time to express gratitude to the parents could be the father’s or mother’s day, the anniversary of the parents’ wedding or the birthday. Undoubtedly, the best gifts for parents are the attention, care, love and time of the children, but the symbolic gratitude to the parents through the children’s wedding will also certainly please the parents’ heart and will remain in memory for a long time.


 There is no doubt – thank you. By expressing gratitude we recognize that other people have contributed to our life’s achievements – without them we should not have what we have now, and we would not be who we are. And perhaps a few have doubts that the most deserving people in this regard are the beloved parents who deserve at least symbolic gratitude for their labor and sleepless sleep.

Parents are trying to pass on moral values ​​to their children from a very young age, teach what is good and what is bad, try to turn their offspring in the right direction so that the latter grow up with good, understanding, loving and righteous people to be proud of. Parents give their children everything they have. After all, your children do not spare anything.

 So, no matter how banal it is, children should feel great love and gratitude to their parents for their patience and devotion, for the surrender of wisdom, for the embedded values, and for the giving of life lessons. It is only to accept the words of Cicero that “love for parents is the foundation of all virtues”. And standing on this solid foundation, which has come under your feet, it would be worth expressing your sincere gratitude to the parents, because “when we learn to thank, we learn to see the good around us” (Amy Vanderblit).

 However, no matter how beautiful and idealistic it all seems to be, it is true that not everyone is often willing to express what they feel, speak out loud words or simply do not know how to do it properly.

 So we understand that it may be difficult and uncomfortable to express words in words, so we are hurry to help and give you some tips:

  •  Thank you for your heart – Thanksgiving is not necessarily a poem or well thought out words for parents. Simply reveal what you always wanted to say, what you feel, what you are thankful for;
  • You may also want to write a long thank you letter. Such a gratitude to parents can, for example, be engraved on a metal plate;
  • If the words of thanksgiving do not cross over the borders, then the idea of ​​a beautiful gift for parents is a recollection box, where you can put short descriptions and pictures with memorable words of memorable, significant events or moments. Such a gift would be very expensive for the parents and would have a great lasting value, because the funniest memories associated with you would be stored in one place;
  • Short thank-you words can also be engraved on a figurine, vase or photo frame. Such a gift to parents will always delight their eyes and hearts.

 But whatever you say to your parents on your wedding day, the most important thing is to keep in mind the parents and native houses that have created their family nest. As we have already mentioned, the best gifts for parents are the attention, care, love and time of the children, as, according to French writer Anri Monterlan, “the home fireplace should not be the place of residence but the place we always come back”.

 Also, discover the time in the future and keep your parents from thanking you from time to time to remind you of what they are important to you, as historian, writer and editor Robert Moskin said, “whatever we do, whatever the circumstances, always there is time to thank.

So expressing gratitude to parents is worth it because they feel very happy and once again see and see what wonderful and grateful children they have brought up.


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