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 Wedding is a special and perhaps the most important celebration in the lives of two loving people. The decision to live the rest of the life together,  shoulder to shoulder, is a very important step and a significant event, so the wedding gift on this occasion should be chosen responsibly. Perhaps anyone who receives an invitation to the wedding immediately begins to think of a gift for the wedding, as original, but at the same time meaningfully congratulating them, that this whole-hearted wedding gift would surprise and remind you of that wonderful day of love and joy for many years to come. But, as you know, nowadays it is quite difficult for people to surprise you, so you need to turn your head well.

 So, unfortunately, we have to admit that sometimes the search for weddings gifts is a challenge or even a real headache. After all, they want to give the newlyweds a gift that is exclusive, dedicated to them and has a lasting value, but finding such an option is certainly not easy. However, it is not worth to be upset because we are in order to help you! When the postcards hang up, our wedding gifts will delight you for a long time because the heartfelt greetings engraved on the occasion of the wedding will remind friends all day long, and will accompany you throughout your life.

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Gifts for weddings

 Probably everyone will agree that nowadays people become much more demanding and all-embracing – they place great demands on simple, everyday things, and especially on everything that is related to any celebration. Most want and look for something unusual, not yet seen, to be different than usual and to impress others around them. There is no exception for wedding gifts who are subject to the same criteria.

So if you are either lost or not sure what a gift for weddings is, we have advice. Maybe it will be a bit unexpected, but we recommend giving practical items that can be used. But don’t think that such gifts should be boring. No way!

Nowadays, people are no longer inclined to accumulate things and get them loaded, so gifts that can be customized at home are the best (maybe without the pots, pans and tea service. And with our help, even the simplest cutting board or box can become exclusive and a great gift for young people who will surprise even the most demanding.

 Popular gifts for weddings

 Everyone is aware that the most popular, practical and most desirable gift for young people is the money that gives newlyweds the freedom to decide how to use such a gift, and is certainly very helpful for a newly created family to start a shared life. Just don’t think that a cash gift will look banal. Really not necessarily, because with our help and such a usual gift can be presented very originally: we can, for example, produce a wooden envelope with a personalized greeting on the occasion of the young wedding. We are also ready to realize the most unexpected ideas for presenting and packaging your present and other gifts.

If you want to give someone who has a lasting value with a cash gift – great! We can also help you with this. It is not for nothing that genius lies in simplicity, so the most common gift for young people is: a box of money on which a wedding greeting is engraved, home rules, a wedding lock with engraved wedding names and a wedding date, an engraved bottle that you want to open when you first wedding annual. It also presents a compass placed in a box on which the wish of the young people to look together in the same direction and other simple but heart-wrapping and meaningful gifts are engraved.

We can offer lots of beautiful and, most importantly, emotional value items that would be a wonderful gift for a wedding occasion. We know that it may be difficult to decide and choose what to give to young people, so we recommend that the following gifts are perfect for engagement or wedding: engraved cutlery, cups, wine boxes, photo frames, happy marriage rules, and we can even produce original ones new created family stamp! And that’s not all the gift ideas for newlyweds, so if you want to know more or have other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Because we have extensive production capabilities (laser engraving is possible on any surface), we can offer many more gift options, and with the addition of your original ideas, we will be sure to create an exclusive and meaningful gift.

Gifts for parents

 Weddings are a celebration of two loving people – a new family is created on that day, and a new stage in the lives of the two people is happening – but it is no less important and exciting for the newlyweds parents. Despite the fact that newlyweds leave their homes, parents will always remain the closest and most precious people they will always want to return to.

So, the wedding is a great opportunity to thank the parents for raising, protecting, teaching and nurturing their most precious offspring all the time. Therefore, another very important and significant wedding gift is a gift for parents. By giving these gifts, the youngsters express respect and gratitude to their parents for their love, care and value.

As gifts for parents are important not because of the amount of money spent on them, but because of the meaning given to them, we advise parents to donate something symbolic – that is, thanks to parents, engraved on a glass figurine or metal plate, wine box, metal figurine, wooden medals and other souvenirs with engraved words of thanksgiving.

 Gifts for Witnesses

 Most often, the youngsters entrust their duties to the closest people. Gifts are given to witnesses to thank them for their duties and the young people’s love testimony. Symbolic gifts are also suitable in this case: thanksgiving witnesses, engraved on a glass figurine or metal plate, personalized photo frames with a young photo, a bottle of wine, a box of sweets and other souvenirs with engraved words of thanksgiving.

 Gifts for wedding guests

 Wedding celebration is here much more fun if a group of cheerful, happiness, luck and long-lived young people are involved. Gifts for wedding guests are given to thank them for their time and their stay together for the newlyweds on such a special day.

Typically, guests are given a variety of engraved souvenirs: charms, greeting cards, glass statuettes, magnets with a guest name and other lovely things. Let’s admit that it’s always a pleasure to get attention and get at least a small gift.

Wedding attributes

 We understand that the newlyweds want their wedding celebration to be amazing and unforgettable, they consider everything to the smallest details, so we can help to arrange the wedding party. You can feel free to contact us if you need: wedding invitations, table cards, various festive decorations, decorations for cakes, gift boxes and other wedding accessories.

“GRAVIDEJA” is a place where simple gifts become exclusive and of great value. Our goal is to implement all your thoughts and ideas.


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