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We offer you to choose glass awards, statuettes, glass and metal medals, wooden plaques and cases. We engrave glass, wood and any type of metal; we can make a plaque of any dimensions or style and affix it to the desired award. We also make individual award statuettes from acrylic fiber, prepare models and revise them until the submission of the final product.

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Non-traditional materials from which the most valuable awards are created

Gold, Silver, Bronze – Whether it is sport or the battle of mind battles, these precious metals are always associated with the highest ratings. Sports awards, for example, when our dear basketball players return from championships, are always labeled with oak leaf wreaths, chest hanging medals, additional awards statues for high achievements and thank-you letters. However, life is not just a sport and there are moments when gold, silver and bronze are not the best choice, because not everything is sport, not everything is divided into the first – third place. Therefore, for other occasions, other materials, perhaps somewhat unconventional but reflecting modernity and lifestyle, are selected.

Glass Awards is a modern solution

Glass is such a living and ordinary material that often we don’t even mention it. After all, we use every day – our glassware, glasses and cups, which we use at the dinner table, the mirrors we look at in the bath every morning, and the windows allow the house to penetrate into the daily rays of the sun. But glass in the hands of craftsmen can become a work of art that would make people want to compete for the highest award.

Looking at the properties of glass as a material, it is worth noting that it is relatively durable, slightly wearable, a material that can be used to form a wide variety of surfaces. It is these qualities that attracted both artists and award-winning artists. Why tie up with bronze, silver, and golden awards statues (let’s leave them to Oscar and Raspberries) when living in a modern world wanting lightness, gentleness, and at the same time endurance – that’s what glass perfectly delivers. So, one can safely say that engraved glass awards have been a favorite of Lithuanians for some time now.

The glass figurines, trophies, awards and even medals and laser engraved on them are delicate, often unique. Though it looks fragile, but the glass is strong enough, stable, the artist can play and play unexpectedly. So for those looking for an original award, glass is a really pleasant discovery. Glass awards, statuettes can be of various shapes, flat, curved, embossed and spatial. After receiving such a gift, she will remember for a long time the significance of the award. Therefore, such donations are often chosen by companies wishing to encourage their employees, reward retired employees, select organizations that announce competitions, games and so on. and wants to be mentioned and rewarded. Also avoid donating and receiving jubilees, club anniversaries, deserving actors and so on.

Naturalness and wood

Lithuania is renowned for being a lover of natural materials, both previously and highly appreciated by wood carvers, so the return of wood products to the popular and award culture is not surprising. The tree itself is a warm material, radiates coziness, the wooden piece is pleasant to touch, it is desired and appreciated. Perhaps it would be reasonable to say that it is still unkempt.

That’s why awards, thanksgiving and prizes for the various achievements are often made of wood. With a powerful woodworking technique, each gift, medal, or trophy can be unique, exclusive, and engraving adds an extra touch of feeling and individuality. The most important thing is that, when designing the statues, medals and the like, awards are made using a more subtle technology than the carvings and spoons we see at Kaziukas Fair.

Anyone interested in exclusive items can find more interesting options. For example, artificial stone, natural stone, stone powder resin, metal, plastic and other materials. So you never have to stop looking – exclusive solutions are always found if they are searched for.

What are sports awards?

 When organizing various sports events, good quality gifts should be provided. It is a pleasure for every athlete to receive a medal, statuette or other professionally made gift. “Gravidea” is professionally engaged in the production of sports awards, so it can offer not only high quality of production, but also fast production. We have been working for many years, so the accumulated experience helps our clients to choose the right gifts. We use professional equipment to produce our products, so we can ensure the exact production of the product that suits your needs. We engrave on very different surfaces. These include glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, precious metals, etc. In order to order sports awards, it is worth focusing on high quality and fast production process. There are a number of companies on the market that do the same, but not everyone has the necessary experience to ensure a successful outcome.

What is donated to sports events?

 If you had to watch the end of a sporting match, you probably saw the most often donated statues, tables or medals on which the information about the place and the event itself were engraved on the surface. It is important that the information is clearly conveyed and that the award itself looks attractive. If you are thinking of ordering such products, you must first come up with an idea. We recommend that you review the workshops and then decide which award to choose. For sporting awards, statues are usually chosen. It is not only a beautiful look, but also a favorite of athletes. Such statues are placed in visible places and displayed to guests. It is also worth consulting with specialists. Tell us what information you want to convey on the award and then get lots of useful tips. As we have said several times in this area, we have been working for years, so we understand how quality awards are to look like. You can also see the various options in the gallery. We use advanced technologies, so we produce fast and quality.

What are the awards?

 To choose the type of sports award you need to know what they are. The most popular on the market are glass figurines and medals. The type should be chosen depending on the particular event. Another important aspect is that to create a beautiful gift, you need to engrave the text qualitatively. You need to choose the right font to make the inscription clear. You will discuss all these questions before ordering the product. As we have already mentioned, we can offer a wide range of products, so you will definitely find the right award for you.

How much do sports statues cost?

 Of course, the cost of production is really an important aspect. If you organize a major event, then you may need a lot of awards. Experience shows that sometimes it is better to pay more and get high quality products than to order cheap products that damage the value of the event. Sports awards must look good. It would be uncomfortable if the first-place winner received a low-quality cheap prize. After all, the winner himself wants to be proud of his achievement and show it to others by putting him in a prominent position, so the quality of the award is quite important. When saving time, we recommend always contacting the company and getting an immediate response. Professionals need to know what they will need to produce, what your vision is, what quantity you intend to produce and then calculate your preliminary price. Naturally, when ordering larger quantities, the unit price decreases. However, we also want to emphasize that quality should be first. No one needs products that do not meet today’s standards. As technology evolves very fast, every company strives to deliver ever-newer and more original products, so the choice really is.

Do we produce medals?

 Gravidėja specializes in the production of various sports awards, statues and medals. We use different materials, and we can engrave the text you want on the surface. Medals are a traditional choice, so a lot of customers are looking for something more exclusive. Depending on the specificity of your sport event, you can come up with different gift ideas. To see how your work looks like, check out the information on our website. Here you will find a lot of photos and see how quality statues or medals look like. It is always useful to talk to specialists. Provide information on the upcoming event and we will be able to advise you on what kind of sports awards to choose. We have years of experience, so we know how quality work looks. This is how you can come up with something new and original. The more works you see, the wider the image of the services. As we have already mentioned, there is a lot of surface on which you can engrave notes, logos or other symbols, so you just have to choose the most suitable option for you.

How long does production take?

 Usually this process takes several days and depends on the quantity of orders. Of course, if we have a lot of projects, then the term may be longer. But in any case, before you buy such sports awards you should plan everything well before. There are cases when customers look for production on the last day. In such a case, even at a higher price, the companies cannot quickly produce the products they need. When planning your sports award production, you need to have much more time than a few days to make your idea well-developed and product-quality. Although the production itself does not take a long time, the receipt, layout and adjustment of materials can take several days. If you know first about how your statues or medals should look, then the graphic elements should be provided to our specialists. We will evaluate how everything will look on the chosen surface, calculate the price and term of the works. As you have seen, we do not have many companies in Lithuania that provide similar services. However, few companies have modern equipment and highly experienced staff. And this is the main asset of the company. Professionals who are not working for the first time on the production of sports awards have a good understanding of what the customer needs and how the end result should look. It is clear that sometimes you may need to edit the texts you want, change the fonts to make the final result perfect.

How do I order such products?

 The production of sports awards can be ordered by phone, e-mail or just on arrival at our office. Before ordering, think about engraving services exactly what you would like. Take more time to generate an idea because it will make it easier for professionals to understand your preferences, and the production process will be faster. Of course, because of the choice of specific materials, font style, you can consult with professionals. We will appreciate how the item will actually look and then offer our services. Remember, it’s important to order such products well in advance. After all, there are a variety of unexpected interruptions, so you need to take care of such things in advance to keep the event running smoothly. It is also worth focusing not only on the price of the product, but also on quality.


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