Metal – probably the material with the most stable engraving process.

The result is usually obtained of the same quality, when compared to: plastic (composition of plastic usually varies due to impurities), wood (due to its structure), glass (due to impurities), or leather (due to the structure).

We can laser engrave all metals (titanium, gold, silver, bronze, copper, steel, hardened steel, brass, aluminium, etc.). Engraving colour or shade depends on the engraving power, by changing it we can obtain various shades. Engraving of painted metals is usually performed by graving away the layer of paint, but the quality of the engraving depends very much on the layer of the paint, quality and coating.

The best contrast is obtained when engraving a dark anodized aluminium, then the inscription comes out vividly light. We do not recommend to engrave lacquered metals, there is a possibility that the lacquer will peel off at the outline of the engraving, and therefore it is better to lacquer the metal after engraving is done.


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