Laser plywood cutting

 Plywood is eco-friendly, economical and extremely suitable for laser cutting. It is because of its wide-ranging use that it is widely used to create a variety of art or household products. Laser plywood cutting is characterized by the cutting edge, which is exposed to laser beam, burns and evenly browns, giving the product a color play. It is important to know that the thicker the plywood, the higher the laser beam and the longer the cutting speed, which will result in a stronger edge burn and a darker color. For example, when cutting 3 mm plywood with a laser, the cutting edge will be gently smeared, and when cutting 8mm plywood it will be dark brown, almost black.

Characteristics of wood for laser cutting

 Our company recommends laser cutting from our high quality birch plywood. By choosing our material you can be sure that the result will be fast and of high quality. We can offer laser cutting from 3-4-6-8 mm plywood. Thicker plywood laser cutting is not recommended and is not cut due to excessive cutting edge burning, which is already aesthetic and lubricated. Laser cutting is possible not only from plywood, but also from wood fiber, balm for aviation models, MDF (wood fiber board) and wood up to 5mm thick. These materials must be delivered by the customer himself. If you are unsure whether the material will be suitable for laser cutting, we recommend that you consult us or make a small sample of the material you want to cut before buying.

The advantages of veneer when choosing laser engraving

 Laser-cut parts of plywood can be very fine. The detailing of the parts depends on the thickness of the plywood. The finer the veneer, the smaller the detail, because the laser beam is weaker and less burns the cutting edges. Let’s say cutting from the most popular 3-4 mm plywood we can produce small items such as jewelry, cake decorations, guest names for solemn dinner and other similar products. Plywood is a favorite of customers not only for the great price, but also for the comfort, warmth and simplicity of the material itself. In addition, the veneer is easy to paint, so the cut parts can be decorated with a wide range of paints.

Why Choose us?

 We offer to choose us because we give the customer the choice of high quality and different thickness plywood; we do the work quickly, with great precision and quality – we always set terms for the benefit of the client; laser cutting both large and small, unit quantities; The working area of ​​our equipment is as high as 950 x 610 mm, which makes it possible to cut large, single parts. If necessary, we send the products to courier to all places of Lithuania in a very short time.

Possibilities of using sawdust from plywood

 Which products are usually laser cut from plywood? Through our many years of experience in plywood, we have done a variety of works, ranging from technical details to works of art. However, it is worth mentioning the most popular and popular products. Cake decorations have become very popular in recent years, with single-piece plywood or graphic elements that make the celebration and its photo session unique. Various boxes are also cut from plywood: boxes for souvenirs, jewelery, letters, and so on. The boxes can be of various sizes, engraved on their logo, monograms, or openwork fine-cut openwork. Such boxes can be very unique and tailor-made for your specific purpose. In terms of boxes, laser engraving makes it possible to cut the covers of the wine boxes interestingly, allowing you to personalize the gift and decorate it. Plywood is often chosen to make medals, especially if the number of medals ordered is limited and the budget is limited, then plywood is really the best choice, which at the same time allows to preserve the style and attributes of the celebration. And, without a doubt, laser cutting of plywood is a great favorite during the Christmas period, because various gifts and decorations made of plywood perfectly convey the cosiness of the Christmas spirit.


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